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CraftCoffee and BiscuitsHoly CommunionGet fit exercisesLunchClayesmore Students VisitBus TripTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsCrosswordLunchBook ReadingTea and Cake


B.M.V paperCoffee and BiscuitsGet fit exercisesLunchBus TripTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsInteractive tablet activities - CrosswordLunchWord CircleKnit and NatterTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsChurch Service at St Mary'sBean Bag FootballLunchHangmanDiscussion groupTea and CakeEaster Service


CraftCoffee and BiscuitsInteractive tablet activities - CrosswordLunchWordsearchHairdresser hereDiscussion groupTea and Cake


Whats In The PapersCoffee and BiscuitsWake and Shake ExercisesLunchBeetle GameCatch up TVTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsGet fit exercisesLunchBook ReadingTea and Cake


CraftCoffee and BiscuitsCrosswordLunchMemory box (Reminiscence)Knit and NatterTea and Cake


B.M.V paperCoffee and BiscuitsFriday FitnessLunchWord CircleHairdresser hereDiscussion groupTea and Cake


B.M.V paperCoffee and BiscuitsBean Bag FootballLunchEaster Egg Hunt for Staff ChildrenBook ReadingTea and Cake


Music TherapyChurch Service at St Mary'sCoffee and BiscuitsSkittlesLunchBus TripTea and Cake


Whats In The PapersCoffee and BiscuitsWake and Shake ExercisesLunchSilver Song BoxHairdresser hereKnit and NatterTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsCraftLunchHairdresser hereBook ReadingTea and Cake


Whats In The PapersCoffee and BiscuitsHoly CommunionGet fit exercisesLunchBingoBook ReadingTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsCrosswordLunchWord CircleBus TripTea and Cake


B.M.V paperCoffee and BiscuitsFriday fitness exercisesLunchPlaying CardsBook ReadingTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsInteractive tablet activities - CrosswordLunchCraft - Colouring PicturesCatch up TVTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsChurch Service at St Mary'sInteractive tablet activities - CrosswordLunchWord GameCatch up TVTea and Cake


Whats In The PapersCoffee and BiscuitsBean Bag FootballLunchPictionaryHairdresser hereDiscussion groupTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsWord GameLunchHoy GameCatch up TVTea and Cake


CraftCoffee and BiscuitsGet fit exercisesLunchMemory box (Reminiscence)Clayesmore Students VisitBook ReadingTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsCrosswordLunchPlaying CardsKnit and NatterTea and Cake


B.M.V paperCoffee and BiscuitsFriday fitness exercisesLunchPictionaryBus TripTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsInteractive tablet activities - CrosswordLunchWord GameCatch up TVTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsGardening GroupLunchWord GameDVD of your choiceTea and Cake


Whats In The PapersCoffee and BiscuitsWake and Shake ExercisesSkittlesLunchBook ReadingTea and Cake


Music TherapyCraftCoffee and BiscuitsLunchCatch up TVTea and Cake


Music TherapyCoffee and BiscuitsWake and Shake ExercisesLunchBoard GamesClayesmore Students VisitKnit and NatterTea and Cake


Whats In The PapersCoffee and BiscuitsCrosswordLunchPoetry GroupBus TripTea and Cake



D particularly enjoyed the daily activities and was always very complimentary about the variety and quality of the meals.

RP and SP, Relatives


To know that mum spent her last few days/weeks surrounded by your care and kindness, as well as professionalism, gives me a huge sense of relief and peace. Thank you for everything.

LM, daughter


Thank you to all the staff for an excellent evening last night. The food was delicious and there was a lovely atmosphere. I have to remind myself sometimes that its a care home! I think Ma is beginning to feel that it's home for her. We're very pleased. 

Mrs CJ, Resident's daughter


Staff made it easy for us to visit and we always felt sure our mother was being well looked after with excellent food, impeccable hygiene and careful thought given to every aspect of what would be best for her individually.

Mr S D, Son


I have to thank you especially for the care and support you all gave my father in his last few days. I have related stories to friends with elderly parents that your night staff for instance were singing with him during the long hours of darkness. They couldn't believe it.

JB, Son


Always my husband has received excellent care by cheerful, caring staff.
My needs have always been considered and a caring person has always been there when I have needed one.
Nobody wants to admit they cannot care for a loved one.
We are so lucky to have Nazareth Lodge who takes over so well.
Thank you all.

Mrs PE, Wife


Thank you to all the staff for a lovely Fine Dining Evening. What a wonderful event. Not only a delicious meal but a lovely opportunity to spend quality time with my Mum, other residents and their families. All the effort put in by staff is so very much appreciated. 

Mrs J, Daughter of Resident


We felt that the judgement of Nazareth Lodge staff regarding our mother's health was trusted and appointments were readily arranged when required resulting in some of the best medical attention she ever received outside a hospital

Mr S D, Son


A thank you would in no way suffice for the reassurance and peace that everyone helped to give to me and others during the eight months that RW was with you.

Doug Horlock, friend


I wanted to drop a quick note to say how much our students enjoyed their time at Nazareth Lodge last term - it was a great experience for them and something they'll remember for many years to come.  Please pass on our thanks to your staff for being so welcoming too.

Jo Thomson BA (QTS) MBA FRSA, Clayesmore School, Iwerne Minster


My husband is already a resident and I have spent two weeks in respite care. I have been wonderfully cared for and feel I have recovered very quickly. I cannot fault the staff, who are so caring and gentle and always cheerful. The food is lovely, well cooked and presented. There are plenty of activities organised and outings arranged for mobile residents. This is an excellent care home and its awards are well deserved.

JP, Respite Guest and Relative of Resident


I am convinced that your incredible care and attention to detail made his last few days as comfortable as humanly possible and it was very humbling for me to witness.

CB, Son


My mother is extremely happy here, she has been resident for 9 months. She has very mild dementia and receives excellent care. The food is first class and she enjoys whatever activity is provided. The staff are always inclusive and welcoming at any time of day.

DP, Daughter


Thank you for inviting me to your Vintage Tea Party. It was a delightful occasion and delicious tea! It is yet one more evidence of what a nurturing, caring home you provide for the fortunate people who live at Nazareth Lodge.



As a family we all know that everything after my father's death was handled brilliantly even down to a 'guard of honour' as his body left Nazareth Lodge.

JB, Son

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